Do I Have an Acute Cystitis?

On this page, you can compare your scores with those, given in the table below. For calculation of probability of acute cystitis, we recommend to take the summary score of “Typical” domain, since this variable has highest diagnostic power for acute cystitis.

Caution: Although the ACSS is among the most powerful diagnostic tools, results of self-assessment by ACSS cannot guarantee precise  diagnosis. If you have any suspicious symptoms, we strongly recommend to consult a physician.

Probability of cystitis depending on the  summary score of  “Typical” domain
(so far based on the results of 812 women; see the graph below)

Summary score of "Typical" Probability of Acute Cystitis (AC) N (%) of 411 (100%) Patients with AC* N (%) of 411 (100%) Patients without AC*
0-5 < 50% (low) 44 (10.7%) 363 (90.5%)
6-8 75-83% (moderate) 94 (22.9%) 25 (6.2%)
≥ 9 ≥ 90% (high) 273 (66.4%) 13 (3.3%)

(unpublished data)