The Acute Cystitis Symptoms Score (ACSS) is a self-reporting symptom questionnaire to assess the severity of symptoms in women with symptomatic lower urinary tract infections (LUTIs) and their impact on quality of life as well as to differentiate from other urogenital disorders with the possibility to monitor treatment efficacy.

The ACSS was initially developed in Uzbek language and validated in native Uzbek speaking female respondents with further translation and validation in other languages.Currently, ACSS is available in following languages:

  • Uzbek in Cyrillic script (source; validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • Uzbek in Latin script (linguistically validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • Russian (linguistically validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • German (linguistically validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • Hungarian (linguistically validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • UK English (linguistically validated, clinically tested, updated);
  • Tajik (linguistically validated, updated, under clinical validation);
  • Ukrainian (linguistically validated, updated, under clinical validation);
  • Polish (linguistically validated, updated, under clinical validation);
  • US American English (in preparation);
  • Romanian (linguistically validated).

These versions of the ACSS are available for download via our page “Downloads” .All available and further language versions of the ACSS are copyrighted.

The ACSS may be used for personal purpose for self-assessment of the symptoms and calculation of probability of acute cystitis. Prior to use, we strongly recommend to read the table of probability of acute cystitis depending on scores, available on “Do I have an acute cystits?” page.

Caution: Although the ACSS is among the most powerful diagnostic tools, results of self-assessment by ACSS cannot guarantee precise  diagnosis. If you have any suspicious symptoms, we strongly recommend to consult a physician.

The ACSS has also been used in different epidemiological and interventional studies. Individual researchers and organizations (clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, etc.), willing to use the ACSS for research or economical purposes are requested to contact the copyright holders .